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Alex Ulitchny
Alex Ulitchny
July 28, 2023
This was definitely the best detail I have had done on my car for a reasonable price. The service was amazing and they got me an appointment within the week. My car has never been so clean and my plastic bumpers are black again instead of gray!
Christine Suarez
Christine Suarez
May 12, 2023
They are the best! Professional and very knowledgeable… they take so my pride in their work. They detailed my car, polished my headlights and applied a ceramic coating to my car. It looks amazing- highly recommend!
Justin Ingram
Justin Ingram
May 12, 2023


Ceramic coatings are one of the best forms of long-term paint protection available on the market. It is an ultra-strong, extremely hydrophobic, and chemically resistant clear coat over your vehicle’s paint surface. Traditional car wax can only protect your car for so long, unlike ceramic coatings, which can protect your vehicle for as long as you own it! Upgrading to a newer model or trading in? Ceramic Coatings can even increase resale value! These coatings help protect from UV rays and repels water, which helps make washing so much easier!

How long do Ceramic Coating packages last?

Our most popular coating packages are our three-year and five-year options! Premiere Auto Detail in Las Vegas, NV, can coat wheel faces! Our ceramic coatings can easily outlast their intended duration when properly cared for! Add interior (using a unique formula) and glass (far superior to things like RainX) to our excellent packages! This includes coated paint, headlights, taillights, plastic, and metal exterior surfaces.

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For flawless, long-lasting results, Premiere Auto Detail provides paint correction services on all vehicles before applying a ceramic coating. With the harsh weather conditions in Las Vegas, scratches and defects are inevitable. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure the paint surface is free of imperfections before applying a permanent layer of protection. Trust Premiere Auto Detail to deliver a pristine finish that will keep your car looking as good as new.

Our professional paint correction/polishing services (sometimes known as cutting, cutting & buffing, or paint enhancement) can make your car look like it just got a fresh paint job! Of course, we specialize in paint restoration, removing those pesky automated car wash swirls, scratches, and many other imperfections (oxidation, fading) from your paint! Polishing your car’s paint will dramatically increase the gloss and shine, giving it a complete transformation. We offer two levels of service (depending on your desired swirl/defect removal). Are you ready to enhance the shine of your paint and improve your car’s cosmetic appearance? Click the button below for more information! Ready to get your car polished? Click the “get a quote” button below and reach out today!


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This is more than a quick wipe down, it is a thorough cleaning and restoration process performed on a vehicle to improve its overall appearance, cleanliness, and condition. It involves exterior and interior cleaning to make your vehicle look brand new. The goal of this service is to restore the vehicle to its original or near-original condition, enhancing its aesthetics and preserving its value. Premiere Auto Detail also offers add-on engine bay detailing/cleaning, high-quality headlight restoration services, professional-grade ceramic coating services and paint correction/polishing services.

We also perform a clay treatment to the vehicle as part of this process to remove embedded contaminants that won’t come off with a regular wash. In some instances, you will want to follow with a paint correction service, as they clay treatment can sometimes marr the paint if lots of contaminants are present. Lastly, we also decontaminate the vehicle with an iron and fallout remover to remove those small iron deposits (which can accumulate even before delivery of the vehicle at the dealership).


At Premiere Auto Detail located in Las Vegas, we believe in attention to detail and a tailored, well-communicated, and friendly working relationship with each one of our clients. To us, you are not just a business transaction. We strive to treat our clients like family.



Google may either route you coming in from the south entrance through the Visions community or the northwest entrance of Copper Ridge on Springfield Street (quicker route). Follow Magnolia Ridge all the way down, we are located at the end of the street on the left. House is a two story.